Upcoming FinDem seminar: Dr. Inga Saikkonen

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Inga Saikkonen from Åbo Akademi University to give her presentation at the general research seminar at Åbo Akademi University.

Dr Inga Saikkonen will be presenting an overview of her Academy of Finland project, as well as a survey that she is running with Dr Sergiu Ghergina from the University of Glasgow.

Time and place: October 29th, 15-16, ASA House, A stairs, 4th floor and room A 402 (Demos)


Upcoming lectures on deliberative democracy

The Institute for Deliberative Democracy (DDI) and PALO project (Participation in Long-term Decision-making) organize an annual Research and Development Day in Turku in October 31.

The day consists of two keynote lectures and workshops. The keynotes are open to all.

Keynote 1: Carolyn Hendriks (Australian National University): Participating Publics in Environmental Governance.
Time and place: 10.00, Educarium building, EDU1 lecture hall

Keynote 2: Stephen Elstub (Newcastle University): Mini-publics and Environmental Decision-Making in the UK.
Time and place: 14.45, Publicum building, PUB3 lecture hall

More information concerning the event and instructions on how to register to workshops can be found here:

Tutkimus- ja kehittämispäivä | Osallistuminen ympäristöpäätöksenteossa, 31.10.2019