Upcoming Guest Lectures at CEAS

The Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) is pleased to announce four guest lectures  about South Korea’s political changes. The lectures are presented by Professor Won-Taek Kang of Seoul National University and Professor Hannes Mosler from Freie Univesität Berlin.

Professor Won-Taek Kang: 30 years of a new democracy: South Korea’s democratic consolidation.

Time and place: 30.3.2017 15.00, Publicum SH126.

Professor Won-Taek Kang: Generation, protests, and Park Chung Hee: Recent political crises in South Korea.

Time and place: 31.3.2017 15.00, Publicum SH126.

Professor Hannes Mosler: The Ban of political parties in South Korea and Germany.

Time and place: 3.4.2017, 16.00, Publicum, Pub4

Professor Hannes Mosler: Reloading Democracy. The institution of presidential impeachment in South Korea.

Time and place: 4.4.2017, 14.00, Publicum, Pub4

For more information, please see here and here. Welcome!