Upcoming FinDem seminar: Dr. Heino Nyyssönen

This week, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Heino Nyyssönen from the University of Turku to give a presentation concerning the release of his new book “Tasavallan loppu? Unkarin demokratian romahdus” at the political science research seminar at University of Turku. The book describes what went wrong in the democratization process in Hungary, why the anti-EU sentiments have been on the rise and what these recent developments mean in the context of the whole of Europe after Brexit.

Heino Nyyssönen is a political scientist and a historian, who works as a university lecturer in the Department of philosophy, contemporary history and political sciences. He has been surveying political developments in Hungary for over a quarter of a century.

Time and place: June 2nd, 14.15, Publicum, 2nd floor, sh. 299.


Upcoming FinDem seminar: Post Doctoral Fellows Dr. Sergiu Gherghina and Dr. Henrik Serup Christensen

We are pleased to welcome Post Doctoral Fellows Dr. Sergiu Gherghina from the University of Glasgow and Dr. Henrik Serup Christensen from Åbo Akademi University to give their presentations at the General research seminar at Åbo Akademi University.

The topic of Dr. Gherghina’s presentation will be referendum campaigns and vote decision in Eastern Europe, while Dr. Christensen will be presenting his paper on the support for citizens’ initiatives in Finland and political trust.

Time and place: May 16th, 3pm, ASA House, A stairs, 4th floor and room A 402 (Demos)