Upcoming FinDem seminar: Dr. Peter Söderlund

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Peter Söderlund from Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa to give his presentation at the General research seminar for political scientists at Åbo Akademi University. The topic of the presentation will be revealed on a later date.

Time and place: April 19th, 2pm, ASA House, A stairs, 4th floor and room A 402 (Demos)


Upcoming Guest Lectures at CEAS

The Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) is pleased to announce four guest lectures  about South Korea’s political changes. The lectures are presented by Professor Won-Taek Kang of Seoul National University and Professor Hannes Mosler from Freie Univesität Berlin.

Professor Won-Taek Kang: 30 years of a new democracy: South Korea’s democratic consolidation.

Time and place: 30.3.2017 15.00, Publicum SH126.

Professor Won-Taek Kang: Generation, protests, and Park Chung Hee: Recent political crises in South Korea.

Time and place: 31.3.2017 15.00, Publicum SH126.

Professor Hannes Mosler: The Ban of political parties in South Korea and Germany.

Time and place: 3.4.2017, 16.00, Publicum, Pub4

Professor Hannes Mosler: Reloading Democracy. The institution of presidential impeachment in South Korea.

Time and place: 4.4.2017, 14.00, Publicum, Pub4

For more information, please see here and here. Welcome!


Upcoming FinDem seminar: Post Doctoral Fellow Savitri Jetoo and Doctoral student Marco La Rosa

We are pleased to welcome Post Doctoral Fellow Savitri Jetoo from McMaster University, Canada and Doctoral student Marco La Rosa from Åbo Akademi University to give their presentations at the General research seminar for political scientists at Åbo Akademi University.

Dr. Jetoo’s topic will be “Governance as a driver of change in the North American Great Lakes basin” while Mr. La Rosa’s presentation is titled “Representing Europeans? A MEP-centered study on representation and European integration”.

Time and place: March 23rd, 3pm, ASA House, A stairs, 4th floor and room A 402 (Demos)


Upcoming FinDem seminar session: professor Hannu Nurmi

We are happy to welcome professor Hannu Nurmi to give a presentation titled “Monotonicity failures: a progress report” (November 15th, 2pm, seminar room 269, Publicum).

Professor (emeritus) Hannu Nurmi is one of the leading experts on collective decision making world-wide. He has studied extensively e.g. voting procedures, institutional design and decision making, and his work has appeared in leading journals from 1970s to this day. He served as Professor of Political Science at the University of Turku (1995-2012), as Academy Professor (2003-2008) and as Director of the Centre of Excellence in Public Choice Research (2008-2011).


Upcoming FinDem Seminar Session: Professor Stefan Napel

We are pleased to welcome professor Stefan Napel (University of Bayreuth) to give a presentation titled “Borda vs. Condorcet vs. Plurality: The Power Success and Size of Voter Groups” at the FinDem seminar series. The seminar will take place on November 8th, starting at 14:15 in the seminar room 269 (Publicum -building).

Prof. Dr. Stefan Napel’s research interests include game theory, power measures, voting methods and political economy of the European Union. His work has appeared in several leading journals, including Social Choice and Welfare, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, and Group Decision and Negotiation. He is a member of the Public Choice Research Centre and (we are pleased to say) a frequent visitor to Turku.


Justice and Epistemic Democracy -workshop

The department of Philosophy, Contemporary History, and Political Science (here on PhiCoPo) is hosting a workshop on Justice and Epistemic Democracy (October 27-28). We are happy to welcome several distinguished academics working in the fields of democracy research and moral philosophy. Speakers include:

  • Peter Stone (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Francesca Pasquali (The University of Milan)
  • Alfred Moore (Cambridge University)
  • Enzo Rossi (University of Amsterdam)
  • Andrew Knops (University of Birmingham)
  • Eerik Lagerspetz (University of Turku)
  • Jonathan Kuyper (Stockholm University)
  • Ian O’Flynn (Newcastle University)
  • Maija Setälä (University of Turku)

The workshop is open for audience! For a complete program and further information, please see here.