Upcoming FinDem Seminar Session: Professor Stefan Napel

We are pleased to welcome professor Stefan Napel (University of Bayreuth) to give a presentation titled “Borda vs. Condorcet vs. Plurality: The Power Success and Size of Voter Groups” at the FinDem seminar series. The seminar will take place on November 8th, starting at 14:15 in the seminar room 269 (Publicum -building).

Prof. Dr. Stefan Napel’s research interests include game theory, power measures, voting methods and political economy of the European Union. His work has appeared in several leading journals, including Social Choice and Welfare, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, and Group Decision and Negotiation. He is a member of the Public Choice Research Centre and (we are pleased to say) a frequent visitor to Turku.