Justice and Epistemic Democracy -workshop

The department of Philosophy, Contemporary History, and Political Science (here on PhiCoPo) is hosting a workshop on Justice and Epistemic Democracy (October 27-28). We are happy to welcome several distinguished academics working in the fields of democracy research and moral philosophy. Speakers include:

  • Peter Stone (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Francesca Pasquali (The University of Milan)
  • Alfred Moore (Cambridge University)
  • Enzo Rossi (University of Amsterdam)
  • Andrew Knops (University of Birmingham)
  • Eerik Lagerspetz (University of Turku)
  • Jonathan Kuyper (Stockholm University)
  • Ian O’Flynn (Newcastle University)
  • Maija Setälä (University of Turku)

The workshop is open for audience! For a complete program and further information, please see here.

FinDem’s Opening Seminar

Finnish Centre for Democracy Research arranges an opening seminar on 15th of April at the University of Turku (Educarium’s lecture hall 3, address Assistentinkatu 7).


10:00 Opening words chair person of the board professor Maija Setälä
10:10 Key note professor Lars Vinx (Bilkent University): Militant democracy
11:00 Panel discussion: The current state of democracy research in Åbo/Turku
11:45 Buffet lunch (only for the enrolled) and poster display

Enrolment closed.

Examination of a dissertation (Daniel Weyermann)

Examination of an academic dissertation (philosophy)

Daniel Weyermann: “Political Legitimacy and Ethnocultural Justice. Essays on Public Reason, Democratic Citizenship, and the Rights of Cultural Minorities.”
Examinator: Prof. Sune Laegaard ( Roskilde University)
Lecture Hall 2 Publicum, University of Turku
March the 19th, 12 .00